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Therapy Appointments

New client appointments are typically 60-90 minutes with shorter 30-60 minute follow-up visits. During the first appointment, I will spend time getting to know you, answering questions you may have, and may ask you to fill out a couple short questionnaires. We will discuss your priorities and current symptoms in order to develop an initial treatment plan.


Psychological Assessment & Testing

Assessment appointments are typically 2 hours long consisting of 1 to 3 visits to allow optimal performance as well as time to discuss results and recommendations. Private school admission testing is usually completed in one visit. Testing is completed at a comfortable pace. Same day initial feedback reports can be shared with providers who referred you.

Telehealth & In-Person Services

Therapy is provided via telehealth with periodic in-person appointments offered on a case by case basis. Psychological assessments are typically provided in-person with telehealth components for background and supplementary portions. We will review during your screening call and the initial appointment ways to make your telehealth appointments optimal. Prior to the first appointment we will discuss if telehealth is not a good fit for you and recommend other options. 


Both for therapy and assessment, you will receive an estimate of costs in advance. Hourly rates are set however the type of therapy, anticipated length of services, type of psychological evaluation needed, specific assessment battery created, and appointment length are tailored for each client based on their individual needs. Fees are paid before the start of appointments and receipts can be provided to you with information required to submit for out-of-network benefits. Clients typically receive (50-80%) reimbursement depending on their specific insurance benefits. 

Appointment Times

Late afternoon, evening and weekend appointments times are available.

Call 703-371-0304 or email for additional information or to schedule an appointment. 

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