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How to Prepare for Your Telehealth Appointment

1) Location. Find a private location where you will feel comfortable and have privacy. Close the door to the room if you have others in the home and let them know when you will be available again.

2) Privacy. Just like in-person therapy appointments, confidentiality is important during telehealth appointments. Find a location where you have privacy to speak openly and comfortably. Headphones are recommended. Check for open windows, baby monitors, cameras or other devices that you would want to adjust before your appointment begins? Your roommate, partner or neighbor should not be able to overhear your therapy session. Play white noise just outside (or inside) your door. You can play this for free from the internet, use a white noise machine or babyshusher type of device. If you would like for someone to join you during your appointment, you must discuss this with your therapist before the appointment or at the start of the appointment. This must have a therapeutic purpose and fit with your therapeutic goals.

3) Practice. Run a practice test. Feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule a practice test to check your audio and video prior to the first appointment.

4) Prepare. Set-up ahead of time. Make sure you have internet connectivity, your device's power cord is connected, and the correct platform is started. Have our phone number and email ready should you need help. Some people like to have water, pen and paper, and an object to fidget with or hold nearby. If your device needs to be placed on top of a book or tablet stand, have that ready as well. Remember to use the restroom fifteen minutes before your appointment and eat a snack in advance if you suspect you might become hungry. Water, tea, a small snack and other accommodations are perfectly fine to bring to your telehealth appointment.


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